Soundshala is built on the foundation that we are vibrational beings.  We give off different vibrations at different times.  We know we give off positive and negative energies and we know that our energies interact differently depending on who is around. Our vibrations are different depending on the time of the day and the time of the year.  


However, we often are not given instructions on how to tap into the areas where vibration matters most.  Like a physical muscle, these vibrational muscles have to be tuned up to maintain balance and long term health. 

Our Mission is simple.



We are here to help awaken the wellness already inside each individual.  

These vibrations exist in our silence and our ability to quiet the mind.   It is everpresent in our ability to utilize will power, personal development, and resilency.  The frequency of our vibrations also resonates within our community and how we give back and support each other.  


There are tremendous benefits to both individual well being and an organization's well being when our sessions are integrated into a busy work week. Through the use of these experiential programs we tap into our own personal wellness to achieve the goals you want for your life.