Soundshala Class Offerings

Sound Wave Therapy Classes

Meet our Sound Wave Therapist, Kevin Kraft!


Kevin Kraft, owner of Soundshala, has a long history of teaching, coaching and management in the wellness category. He has successfully grown wellness programs in Colorado, Saipan, and Japan both as a teacher as well as part of sports management. Kraft is a certified yoga instructor with over 10 years of professional yoga instruction experience, with an emphasis on Sound Wave Therapy.  Kevin has also studied personal development philosophies and combined them with yoga to integrate body, mind, and spirit practices.


Sound Wave Therapy


Through the use of breathing techniques, light movement, and resonating tones of crystal bowls, gongs, and specialized drums, we guide the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation, where you can release layers of stress and anxiety which build up in overactive minds. When stress is dissolved away, the sound waves help to activate clarity, creativity, and productivity. Classes are open to all body types, no flexibility required. Sessions can be done in work clothes. Come experience a higher vibration to wellness. 


Benefits include: Reduce stress & anxiety, increase prductivity, cultivate vitality, discover sense of purpose, strengthen your back, remove toxins, and improve sleep.

Sound Yoga Workshop


This special workshop takes you on an experiential journal through sound yoga. We look at the science of sound and how vibrations affect us through understanding cymatics and entrainment. We introduce exercises to explore what effects these vibrations have on our body and spirit. We also look at Sanskrit and ancient traditions of mantra, meditation, chanting, and deep relaxation to understand the diverse ways sound yoga can help improve our wellness. Our live music journeys into sacred sounds are facilitated through the use of crystal bowls, gongs, and specialized drums. These classes connect the student with the energetic body and allows you to release stress, anxiety, confusion, and allows the body to begin improving your own well being. Come learn how sound yoga can help you on your path to better health and the wisdom contained in the inner sounds of silence. 


Topics of the work-shop include: Cymatics, Entrainment, Sanskrit, Mantras, Chanting, and Gong Bath Meditation