Sound Wave Therapy

Through the use of breathing

techniques, light movement and

resonating tones, we guide the

mind and body into a deep state

of relaxation, where the mind

relaxes to release layers of

stress and anxiety which build up

in overactive minds.


When stress is dissolved away, the sound waves help to activate clarity, creativity, and productivity

both in and out of the workplace.

This state of deep relaxation

has been documented to produce

many of the therapeutic benefits

of mindfulness through sound. 

Soundshala | About Us

Soundshala is part yoga, part music and part meditation.  Using breath, music and movement, we provide a peaceful setting for health and wellness for fast paced professionals looking for a healthy way to deal with stress, anxiety and other issues caused by hectic, overactive schedules. Through the use of ancient instruments like gongs, drums, and crystal bowls we assist the body and mind to come into coherence, boosting productivity, focus, and alertness. There are tremendous benefits to both individual well-being and the mindfulness of the organization when sessions are integrated into a work week. So many people know the value of slowing down, but often struggle to find a space or routine to quiet the mind.  Soundshala gives you a chance to hit  "CTRL / ALT / DEL” and reset as needed. Come experience the art of relaxation at Soundshala, a place for peace of mind.