Here are testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers. 

"Kevin is an excellent instructor for mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and of course his area of excellence, Sound Wave Therapy.  Working with Kevin and his awesome team at Soundshala has been extremely positive, easy and they customize classes specifically to cater to the needs of our unique employees. I would most definitely recommend Kevin and his team at Soundshala for providing a unique and professional service to your employees. Soundshala offers a wonderful range of classes that encompass all your needs for mind, body and spirit.


We invited Kevin and Chelsea into our office to host a lunch and learn session on nutrition and Sound Wave Therapy. The class was such a hit we had a wait list just to get in the room.  Our employees were able to follow up with Chelsea for scheduling their individual nutrition classes and Kevin was kind enough to offer a free pass to our employees to attend a full Sound Wave Therapy class at their studio downtown. Great people, fascinating information and I look forward to attending another one in the near future."


 - Nahelani Webster


“I find the health and wellness class offerings at Soundshala to be refreshing and experiential. Their classes are unlike any other and really need to be experienced.  There is something that happens internally that is difficult to explain.  I felt like layers of stress melted away in their sound wave therapy classes and always look forward to this time to decompress”


- Monika Kathuria

"Chelsea is an awesome wealth of information for nutrition.  She's friendly, upbeat, and very personable.  Whatever your needs, she will address them to the best of her ability.  She's passionate about health and wellness and I trust her quite a lot.  I use her knowledge to help me in my industry.   I run a supplement store downtown.  I'm part of the leading (and founding) company in the nation as far as nutritional sales.  I think you can pretty easily figure it out.  Guess Now Can't...you?  Huh...those would be a similar acronym, too.  Funny how those things work.  Lol.  Anyway, she creates classes for my employees and I to fill in the gaps on certain nutritional info we feel we need more knowledge.  So some of the things we ask of her are beyond your standard nutritional facts.  And she still knows them!  If she doesn't, she makes a point to know about them quickly so she's not caught off guard again.  All in all, highly recommend her."


- David